At Taylor Inspection Services, Inc. we provide our clients with what we believe is the most comprehensive property inspection in the area!  While a building inspection is a visual examination of the home or building you would like to buy or sell, and it is an objective survey of the visible and accessible parts of the building assessing the overall condition, we believe it is the experience and knowledge of our inspector that sets us, and our reports, apart from others.  All of our full service property inspections are performed utilizing the latest in equipment and technology such as thermal imaging cameras, state of the art moisture meters, and web based reports with full color photos all available the same day.

Purchasing a property is major decision in one’s life.  Our inspection services will help in locating any major deficiencies before you purchase.  Our comprehensive inspection can assist you in making an informed decision on the purchase of the property.

The inspection will look at every major system in the building, to evaluate each system as it exists at that time.  The areas inspected include the following:

• Grading and drainage (including guttering)
• Roof System
• Exterior walls (including chimneys)
• Attic inspection
• Interior walls, floors and ceilings
• Foundation and structure
• Doors and windows
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Mechanical
• Major appliances

Upon completion of the inspection, we provide an easy to understand report detailing the condition of the building.  Access to the online report will be offered via e-mail notification that day, with the availability for you to share the full report with your realtor, insurance agent or other interested parties.  The report will contain an analysis of all areas and systems covered during the inspection, with in depth information on any significant findings.

Each property owner/seller can be assured that during the inspection process, the inspector will inspect all readily accessible areas of the building(s) and will not disturb anything on the premises.

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