The following is an example of some of our customer’s reviews about our inspection services.

New Construction Monitoring Inspections Customer

May 2016

Good Morning,

Just wanted to thank you for performing the Pre-Drywall Inspection.

I found Steve’s feedback invaluable and has given us great guidance to [Home Builder] for areas of focus.  Also I really like that I can produce a punch list of deficiencies easily and provide that to the project manager.  We will recommend your services to anyone that asks about home inspections.  Once we get a defined closing date, we would like to schedule a final inspection with your company.




November 2013


We want to thank you again for your excellent and thorough reports.  We would never have found all of the deficiencies you reported, and feel that you have given us a certain amount of peace of mind – this was money well spent!!

Again, please feel free to use our names as references for as long as you wish.  We also let our realtor team know how impressed we are with your services.  We will let you know how the final closing goes.

Best wishes, Barry and Carol

 First Time Home Buyer Testimonial

“Thank you for a very thorough and professional inspection. I appreciate all the detailed explanations both verbally and written which you provided me. As a first time home buyer you alleviated a tremendous amount of stress and your continued support in answering my concerns and questions are above and beyond what I believe anyone could expect. I am happy to recommend you and your services to future potential home buyers, real estate agents, brokers, title companies and contractors at any time. Again, thank you for your personal and professional handling of this major transaction.” SMD

This homeowner on Amelia Island saved $522 per year on his homeowners insurance by having an insurance discount survey.

Steve, USAA accepted your report and granted me an annual credit of $522 on the wind/hurricane portion of my homeowner’s policy.

Mr. Wood

This Homeowner in Fernandina Beach saved $1665 on his homeowners insurance by having an insurance discount survey.

Hi Steve, we just got the “building compliance” reduction from the insurance company based on your inspection findings. Original insurance cost: $2860/yr.; revised cost: $1195/yr., a reduction of $1665/yr. or just over 58% (!).



PS: Thanks for helping Linda identify the kitchen light problem while I was out of town. It’s on the top of my ‘honey do’ list…

This client in Fernandina Beach saved $120 per year on their homeowners insurance by having an insurance discount survey.

We were delighted with the results of the Insurance Discount Survey done by Taylor Inspection Services, Inc.

Frankly, we were skeptical that we would see a decrease in our premium as a result of the survey since we have always been really diligent in making certain we took advantage of credits and discounts on our home insurance.  But we were pleasantly surprised–as a result of the survey we are now saving an ADDITIONAL $120 a year in discounts that we were not getting credit for in our home insurance premium.

Thanks to Taylor Inspections, we were able to save money on our insurance that more than pays for the cost of the survey!

Jan and Tom Cote-Merow

This client saved $1500 on his homeowner’s insurance by having an Insurance Discount Survey.

You inspected our house several weeks ago re our hurricane insurance. We got the notification on the change in our annual bill.

The amount was reduced by $1500!!

Thanks very much.

J.B. Amelia Island

Employee Testimonial

Dear Steve,

First, I want to thank you for your assistance in sending a second copy of the inspections for my mother’s properties to Amelia Insurance Agency. Hopefully, the insurance company will now get everything in order.

Second, I wanted to reiterate our conversation yesterday.

Rob Davis was the inspector who went to both of my mother’s (Ms. Bennett) houses at Ocean Avenue and Alachua Avenue. As soon as the inspections were completed, she called me at work to tell me about the nice young man who had just completed the inspections. She said that he was courteous, friendly and efficient. She was also told he would bring her a copy of the reports in a later that day which was done as promised. The young man was Rob Davis.

From the conversations I had with Mother, Rob is an excellent public relations employee for your company, even though this is not his primary responsibility. Having worked in the service industry, I know how important it is to have employees who project a good image for your company. Rob certainly does this.

Thank you for your excellent choice in employees.

Jean Dixon Mann

This client saved $195 on their homeowner’s insurance premium by having an Insurance Discount Survey.

January 14, 2008

In reference to the Wind Mitigation Inspection you did for us on 11/30/97 at our home in Fernandina Beach, we are pleased to report a savings of $195 on our homeowner’s insurance policy, which is valid up to 5 years.

Thanks for informing us of this available inspection and for the professional attention we received from our first phone call to the end of the inspection. We have recommended you highly to our neighbors.

Wishing you a “Happy & Prosperous New Year.”

Marion & Helen Jones


One more of our clients save almost $1900 thanks to our Inspection!

[Via e-mail – May 11, 2008]

My quote from my insurance agent before your inspection report was $5,730. My new quote after your inspection report was received by my agent was $3,842. The savings to me is $1,888. It was a smart thing I did to use your services. Thank you Steve.

Mrs. B
Amelia Island