Builder / Developer Inspection

Taylor Inspection Services, Inc. provides inspection/quality assurance services for builders and developers.   We can custom design an inspection and quality assurance program to a builder’s/developer’s specifications and provide a computer generated report that can be delivered the same day as the inspection.  The benefits of an independent third party quality assurance program can far exceed the cost of the program.
  • Builders/developers can see a significant decrease in their warranty callback expenses that can virtually pay for the inspection program.
  • Decreased building cycle time from failed municipal inspections and costly corrections.
  • Significantly improved overall quality.
  • Improved customer perception of company and product.
  • Independent 3rd party quality program can be used as a marketing tool.

Contact us to see how we can design a quality assurance program to meet your needs that can help to improve your customer relations and help to improve the overall quality of your product.