Insurance Inspections

4-Point Insurance Inspection

A 4- Point Insurance inspection is an inspection required by an increasing number of insurance companies before they will write a new policy on older homes.   This inspection usually consists of inspecting the roof, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems of the home.  A written report with photo documentation is prepared and sent to the client via email from our web based reporting software.  This allows the client to forward on the report to 3rd party insurance companies with ease.

Insurance Discount Survey

An insurance discount survey or “wind mitigation inspection” will evaluate the homes ability to withstand high wind events such as hurricanes.  The inspection utilizes a standardized form from the insurance industry.  Most homes – even older homes – have some items incorporated into the construction of the home that will qualify for rate reductions from the insurance company. Our experience with these inspections has shown that the cost of the inspection is usually less than the amount of savings that can be obtained from the insurance provider on the insurance premiums.  These inspections can only be performed by a licensed building contractor or a code certified building inspector.